Green Decorating Tip of the Month – February

Looking to spice up your walls?

Here’s an earth-friendly, DIY idea:
Take a look in your drawers and closets for some of the funky (but not valuable!) things you’ve collected: lost mitts, odd shaped stones, pretty buttons, dried out tea bags (yes, you heard me)…
Find a scrap board slightly smaller than the space you want to fill on your wall. Prime and paint it a solid colour of your choice, front and back, using low VOC or recycled paint. Or leave it unpainted if you like the colour and texture. Screw picture hangers onto the back of the board, about one third of the distance from the top of the board. Stick felt pads (like the ones used on the legs of chairs to protect the floor) on the lower back edge of the board. This will keep the board from rubbing on the wall or dancing around when there are vibrations.
Flip the wood over and start placing your objects on the empty surface. Play with the arrangement. Look for repetition of similar shapes, the texture many objects make when close to each other, calm empty spaces, colours that are interesting when side-by-side.
When you’re done, leave it. Come back and see if you still like the arrangement. If not, play with it some more. When you’re happy, take a drop of silicon and attach each object in place. Let it dry.
Hang your art at eye level using two picture hooks made to hold the weight of the board.
Congratulations! You’ve cleaned out your drawers AND made fun new art.

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